Although every child’s list of desires is usually pretty long and complicated, if you are a parent, then I am sure your children’s desires come at the top of your priorities; especially when purchasing toys and other playing gadgets which can enhance their creativity and imagination as well as improve their motor and exploring skills at the same time. Investing in a well-designed cubby house kit is something that will make your children over the moon and you will definitely not regret making the decision. These amazingly functional small houses are the ideal spot for your little ones to spend their play time with their friends and engage in all sorts of fun activities which is a rather important segment for kid’s development.

For that purpose, we offer you a brief list of some useful suggestions on how to maximize the fun for your kids in their cubby house kit.


  • Cubby houses come in different shapes, styles, colours and sizes and they all can be simple or have a rather complex design. So why not enrich your kids’ wooden or plastic cubby house with some of their most favourite gadgets? Moreover, slides are definitely the one playground toy that excites all kids no matter their age. Therefore, you may want to consider purchasing one that will match your cubby house look and size so that instead of using the steps (provided it is a tree house), your children could get out of their cubby house sliding down. Fun, right?
  • Another way to make a cubby house more functional and fancy is adding to it kids climbers. These can also be purchased in a variety of shapes and materials. Climbers are very useful objects that improve children’s motor and climbing skills and at the same time give a more stylish look to the playing area of your little ones.
  • Adding swings to your backyard playground is another way to brighten up their world. The funny thing about swings is that even adults get crazy about them and barely anyone can resist not taking their turn once they come across a swing.
  • You can also install a sand pit in the cubby house area. This is especially a good playing space for siblings, especially during long hot summer days. Playing in the sand, modeling sand sculptures or digging holes and hiding little objects can keep that smile on your children’s face the throughout the whole day. Let them express their creativity and have fun in the sand while you take your coffee in peace.
  • Indoor accessories are must-have too. You can create a cozy spot for them, similar to those you have in your home. Wooden storage shelves, chairs, a small table, a play pretend kitchen with fridge and sink, plates and kitchen tools, can enhance your little smurfs’ imagination and urge them to create a grown up version of themselves.