What makes home a home? I’m sure the adjective we can all agree on is comfort. That’s what most of us associate homes with; the sense of comfort we get when we come back from a long day at work is what we all crave. If you ask me, the perfect embodiment of this comfort is the couch bed. This piece of furniture has long earned its honourable place in our homes, given that it has a dual purpose: to provide the proper sitting area, and serve as an extra bed at the same time.

This is why it’s not questionable whether your home should have one or not. Perhaps your abode isn’t all that spacious, and you’ve decided to exclude the couch from the equation by replacing it with two armchairs, simply working in favour of space; even if this is the case, you’d make more use of the space with a couch than with armchairs, after all you wouldn’t want guests to sleep on them or the floor, would you? Not when you can use a couch as an extra comfy bed!

Thankfully, taking its essential role into account over the years, the world of couches is vast, and you can easily find the contemporary couch of your dreams, spacious and compact enough, to complement your home as much as your taste. Since neither comfort nor style are taken for granted when it comes to couch designs, you can count on getting a piece that would largely contribute to your home’s interior décor.

contemporary couch

Having this in mind, it’s not surprising the contemporary couch is considered the focal point of a living room, right? On the plus side, it’s also a piece that makes it easy to set it up, turning from a couch into a bed (and vice versa) in an instant.

Based on your preferences in style, as well as the purpose of the couch itself, and how you intend to use it (as more of a couch, or rather as a backup bed), you’d come across a variety of contemporary couch options in the material, colour, and size you’re looking for. Besides, the couch, being versatile as it is, can also be the ace up your sleeve when it comes to spicing up your interior every now and then by covering up the couch with some beautiful throws or decorating it with intricate cushions.

Then again, considering the vast options, same as with ottomans, there are also couches that were designed to provide you with extra storage. They’re perfect for small homes as they can save them from clutter, and add to keeping them organised. Since over the years we’ve replaced the dining room with eating meals in front of the TV, it’s not difficult to become a couch potato when you’ve got the right couch (giggles). Get the couch you love, and try not to become one!