Being an urban dweller means receiving dozens of promotional fliers and brochures on a daily basis. Unless you enjoy stepping on piles of paper each time you exit your front, chances are you already own a letterbox. If you don’t – what are you waiting for?

Letterboxes can be made from a wide range of materials including plastic, wood and metal. Each material has its own benefits, but if you want something lasting and able to resist the elements, a stainless steel letter box is certainly the best choice you can make. Carefully treated with an anti-corrosion coat, a stainless steel letter box can remain rust free despite being rained on for years. And if you’re living near the sea coast, a stainless steel option will be able to withstand the humid and salty air without losing its appeal, unlike wooden models which tend to warp.


Moreover, wood and plastic eventually lose their colour and shine from too much sun exposure. However, the piercing sun rays are no match for many stainless steel letterboxes which are UV resistant, making them able to retain their fresh colour for many years to come. Without a doubt, a stainless steel letter box has everything it takes to stand up to the unpredictable Australian weather.

Many people tend to think that a letterbox made of stainless steel is one-dimensional and unexciting, but that’s a completely wrong opinion. Metal letterboxes are created by using a mould which allows manufacturers to add various decorative elements on the finished product. This means you can get literally any shape and design you desire, from sleek modern flush mounts to elaborate Victorian style letterboxes. You can even have your street number custom ingrained with a fun, unique font. A truly special letterbox for a special home!

Another thing that makes stainless steel letterboxes an excellent choice is the unmatched level of security they offer. Being left out in the open means that your letterbox can be susceptible to damage and even vandalism and theft. And besides all the annoying junk mail, there’s also many important things we receive in the mail, like bank reports and medical results. Therefore, a good secure steel letterbox is a must for many homeowners, especially if you’re living in a neighbourhood with a high crime rate. Since steel is synonymous with strength, there’s no better material to guard your precious mail. The robust steel in combination with a safety lock and a mechanism involving multiple hinges and fasteners can transform a regular letterbox into an impenetrable safe.