A mower is one’s garden hidden golden tool – once you finish the job, you have to put it away cause it sure does not add to the appeal of the exterior, however, without it, you’ll have to add “to the jungle” on your welcome board (chuckles). And if you’re wondering what time of year is best for purchasing one for your yard, the answer is – now. Yes, although mowing is a task we mainly need to do regularly during warmer months, it’s winter time precisely when it’s best to get you hands on one, since that’s the time of year you can mostly come across sales. That being said, let’s take a look at the three basic categories lawn mower fall into.

Lawn Mowers

Reel Mower

This type of mower is manual and works with the help of a set of metal blades that spin when the user pushes the mower along the lawn. Since these got no engine, they are quiet mowers so you can finish the job during any time of the day without disturbing anyone. Another great characteristic is them being friendly to the environment given the fact that they don’t burn fuel. An obvious drawback is the lack of power which makes them suitable mostly for small and flat yards.

Electric Mower

Electric mowers, as the name itself implies must be connected to the mains supply so that you can mow your lawn. They’re not as quiet as the aforementioned type, however, they’re not too noisy too. Since they don’t require oil, working with them is a clean task. The only obstacle you might encounter is movement limitations. A long cord can solve this problem, however you would have to be careful as the electric lawn mower could get entangled around shrubs, trees and fences. To rip all benefits and avoid drawbacks, a cordless electric lawn mower might be the best option.

Petrol Mower

If you own a very large yard or even a sports ground, than a petrol mower is the ally you are looking for. The main reason for this is the amount of power they can provide, but also, they are not restricted neither by a cord nor by a battery. This power however, comes at a price, so the best tip is to look for a discount offer. In the long run, the investment is worthwhile if you got a big place to mow since their potency clearly surpasses that of all other types.