Many entrepreneurs today laugh at the idea of promoting a business via direct mail. Hasn’t e-mail killed and buried the old-fashioned mail star already? Hmm, quite the contrary, I must say. Tell me, how many of you open those pesky advertisement e-mails you get every day? And even if you do want to check them out, chances are you won’t even know that you got them – the e-mail filter may, right after receiving, transfer them directly to the spam folder where they’re condemned to a slow but certain death.

Now, how many of you would throw away a physical piece of paper you got without even throwing a quick glance at it? Maybe only the most indifferent few. It simply reminds us of the good old days when we were little kids and rushed every morning to the mailbox to see whether we got any letters from our pen-friend. The excitement of getting something in the mail never left me too, I admit. That’s the charm of mail marketing and an experienced direct mail company will know how to make best use of it.


The right promotional piece can connect with the customer on a personal level – every direct mail company knows that. With a strong piece, your business practically walks into the customer’s home, sits down with them on the sofa and talks to them as a friend would do. An e-mail could never achieve the same level of intimacy. When a person is reading their e-mail, they usually have other things going on in the background, whereas when they are reading your promotional material, they take a moment to themselves and actually place their focus on what you’re saying.

Another thing that direct mail marketing is good at, is at establishing trust among customers. Who would you trust more? The business that sends over their advertisement with the click of a button and without any cost, or the one that puts time, effort and money into getting their product information right to your doorstep? I think the answer is quite obvious.

Remember, humans are visual creatures – the direct mail company you hire will use that. Packing the marketing material into an envelope coloured according to the time of the year works like a charm. For instance, if Halloween is right around the corner, it’d be best that the envelope is orange. Or, if it’s Christmas time, red and green will be just perfect. It’s easy to tap into people’s spirit just like that.

However, don’t underestimate their curiosity too. A thick package with a tester of your product, if you’re selling cosmetics, or a small gift whose outline is visible under the envelope, will make them want to open it straight-away and see what’s inside.

I think I’ve made my point clear. Direct mail marketing has many benefits over today’s overused cheap e-mail marketing. I mean, the name says it, it’s more direct, more personal, and more human above all. If you want your business to stand out from the crowd, direct mail marketing is your best friend!