When you’re with one partner for awhile, there will come a time when you simply run out of positions, locations and role play scenarios you haven’t tried yet. You’ve seen it all, done it all, so… this is pretty much it? Don’t settle for a monotone sex life just yet! Whenever you want to switch up the taste of a sauce, salad or other meal – you put some spices in it, right? Well, the same goes for your sex-life as well.

sex toys online

By experimenting with different sex toys, you can spice up your intimate moments and bring back some of that initial excitement in your relationship. If you’re feeling uncomfortable about buying in person, there’s always the option to discreetly order sex toys online. Even pharmacy stores sell them! So, if you’re curious, here are some of the raciest sex toys you can try as beginners.


sex toys online

Thanks to being popularized in Fifty Shades of Gray films, BDSM is perhaps the most common kink out there. But even if you’re not a fan of the films, BDSM is one of those fetishes that you’ll never know you enjoy until you actually try it. You don’t have to start with extreme bondage. Some light BDSM play is often enough to get the sparks flying. You can start to safely explore the world of pleasurable pain with some silky ties, a blindfold mask, a rubber whip, hand-cuffs and a safe word that both of you will respect. There are even bondage sets in the form of a game that include rules and cards with different actions to add a touch of anticipation that can increase the arousal.

Cock Ring

cock ring

Cock rings are one of those toys that provide pleasure for both simultaneously. A cock ring goes around the man’s penis and emits vibrations. So, it’s basically a hands-free vibrator that gives both parties a little jolt. If you’re into idea of trying a cock ring, make sure it’s made out of 100% stretchy silicone so that it can easily slide onto his shaft without causing discomfort.

Butt Plug

butt plug

If you’re curious about trying anal, but are simply worried about how it will feel, the best way to test the waters safely is to try a butt plug. Start with the smallest size available and gradually increase the size as you feel comfortable. When it comes to butt plugs and other invasive sex toys online pharmacies offer ones that are made of medically-approved, non-toxic materials. Butt plugs made of metal are easy to clean, plus they also allow you to try temperature play and see whether it’s something that turns you on.