Despite the different lifestyles we lead, we all finish our day in the exact same way – tucked into our beds. And we all want the exact same thing – to be able to enjoy a comfortable sleep that will charge our batteries and prepare us to confront all our daily task with ease. Therefore, having a cosy and healthy environment to sleep in should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity of life. And today, there is one type of bed sheets that is sure to provide you with all that – the incredible bamboo! Now, let’s see why.

queen size bamboo bed sheets2

Lush and Cosy

Sheets made from bamboo are incredibly soft, some people argue that they feel softer than Egyptian cotton (the synonym of luxury materials). Although bamboo is actually a form of wood, when it is processed it transforms into round and smooth fibres. This means that king or queen size bamboo bed sheets are free of sharp spurs that can irritate the skin and microscopical holes that can house bacteria and mites. Due to the smoothness of the fibres, bamboo bedding has that amazing silky touch to it, making you feel as if sleeping on cloud 9.

Stay Cool in Summer, Keep Warm in Winter

Not too hot, nor too cold – the ideal bedroom sheets need to maintain just the right temperature for us to have a good night’s sleep. However, most bedding materials cannot succeed in this – cotton’s thick fibre construction keeps the body’s temperature in, while silk has a naturally cooling effect. But bamboo sheets are light and breathable and thus perfect for those hot summer nights. And when the temperatures start to drop, bamboo sheets can provide the just the necessary insulation to keep you warm. Whether it’s king or queen size bamboo bed sheets, they are the bedding choice fit for any season.

queen size bamboo bed sheets1

Clean and Healthy Bedding

As opposed to cotton, which is regularly sprayed with a large amount of pesticides, bamboo has a natural antibacterial agent called “bamboo kun”. And even when it’s spun into fabric, bamboo retains these antibacterial properties. The result is a material that’s free from exposure to harmful chemicals, which will also keep germs and fungi away from the bed. People who suffer from allergies and those with sensitive skin may find bamboo bed sheets the best option for them. No wonder many doctors absolutely recommend this 100% organic natural material. Additionally, bamboo also absorbs odours, which means your bed will always feel and smell fresh.

Comfort that Lasts

Bamboo is incredibly strong as building material – there’s furniture and even houses and bridges made from it. And luckily, this also applies to its much softer fabric version. Bamboo fibres are incredibly long and can stretch to the entire length of the material, like for instance in queen size bamboo bed sheets, rather than being interwoven together like cotton and silk is. This makes bamboo bedding less likely to tear or pill like other materials do. And due to its natural antimicrobial properties, bamboo doesn’t require harsh detergents to stay clean nor fabric softeners to stay silky soft. With good care, bamboo sheets can last 3 times longer than cotton.