When you’re part of the food industry, specifically running your bakery, you learn that it’s a profitable business, but at the same time you also learn there’s plenty of competition you have to deal with to be able to make it through and attract a wider customer base.

Keeping up with some trends, particularly when they are about well-being and protecting the environment like sustainability is, is a nice strategy to start with. Thinking of what sustainable measures to take in the bakery, it’s advisable to begin with something as basic as the paper.

A bakery needs paper for baking as much as for packaging, so why not go for greaseproof papers. Not only are they food safe, they are eco-friendly too, and chic at that. The eco-friendliness comes from the fact they are biodegradable, so your business success doesn’t have to be at the expense of nature.

About the name, greaseproof papers are treated with starches, and it’s exactly this process that makes them resistant to grease and fat. For being chic you have to thank the natural colour they have, and they are great for both freezing foods as they are for the over, microwave, and reheating.

greaseproof papers

Another feature essential for baking is that the paper has a non-stick surface which happens to be one of greaseproof paper’s feature. Caring for the environment also means caring for customers, and leading by example.

You can make further changes, introducing biodegradable bags and cups, cutlery, napkins, and in case you use straws, instead of going straw-free you can always give bamboo a try – it’s as green as can be, it’s stylish, and strong.

For some sustainable also means organic, and you can join up the organic trend by choosing all-things organic, from eggs and flour to milk and fruits. Besides, this gives you the opportunity to buy local and support local organic farms. Perhaps you would also consider including gluten-free foods on the menu.

If your budget allows it, it’s good to implement lighting and equipment pieces that are energy-efficient so you would cut down the carbon footprint and reduce the energy costs as a result. Reducing waste is part of sustainability as well, so what you don’t sell right away you can reduce the price of or give out for free, much to the pleasure of customers.

Mother Nature would be happy too! Happier you, safer environment, happier community.