Hearing loss can be very stressful and overwhelming, and it affects both the person with the problem as well as their family and friends. It can cause many difficulties in communication, relationships, and even cause emotional distress which can lead to depression. That is why it is recommended to get hearing tests done as soon as you are faced with hearing challenges.

Getting the appropriate hearing aid will certainly ameliorate the loss and will significantly add to quality of life. Using such an aid is often related to creating troubles with self-confidence which is the reason most people with hearing loss find excuses to avoid wearing one, either because of feeling ashamed or convincing themselves their hearing is not that bad. Many celebrities have also faced deafness, and being in the spotlight does not make it any easier, but that did not stop them from wearing listening devices.

hearing devices

When you decide to get hearing tests done and purchase a hearing device, there are more aspects to consider which influence the price. Considering technology used in most modern devices and the different styles, prices can vary. Based on that there are many assistive listening devices to choose from. The way of wearing a device indicates its type so we distinguish between: BTE (Behind The Ear), OTE (On The Ear), ITE (In The Ear), ITC (In The Canal) and CIC (Completely In Canal).

All the assistive listening devices related to the canal may cost more because of the custom-made mold so it can fit patient’s canal perfectly. Low technology devices can cost up to $4000, but mind you, only per piece. If the hearing loss is in both ears regardless of the level of loss or whether they match, it is advisable to get devices for both ears for a better outcome. Devices with high technology may cost up to $12,000 per pair. People who have pension cards are part of the government hearing service and are eligible to free hearing aids.

As you might already know, all listening devices work on batteries. The size of the device dictates the size of the battery. When you do the purchase, make sure you are also supplied with sufficient batteries. Lately, there are even rechargeable batteries that can save you from the bother of buying new ones and they require a charging device, though this does not mean they are cheaper than regular ones.

Although devices amplify sounds, one of their biggest flaws is the fact that they cannot completely filter the sounds you want to hear from background noises. With groundbreaking technology, the noise problem is the main focus. The computer chips they function with, are able to detect the surrounding environment and automatically set the signal without manual interference, thus they lower down the noise and amplify the sound of speech. Most of these types can connect to mobile phones as well as computers through Bluetooth, further bettering deafness. Luckily the number of such assistive listening devices keeps increasing so prices become more affordable.

On average devices could last up to five years, even more so when they are properly taken care of. Make sure the warranty offered is favourable. Latest research in hearing loss has indicated relations to Alzheimer’s disease and the more the hearing loss condition is postponed, the more a person’s chances of developing dementia, so remember – Time is essential.