Caravans make for a great holiday accommodation, but regardless of how big your unit may be, the inside floor space is always limited. The simplest and greatest way to increase your living space is with the help of an awning as it will bring part of the terrain that your caravan is parked on under cover.

Generally, there are three types of awnings that you can find in any caravan equipment for sale store – a full awning, a porch awning and canopy awning. Basically, choosing an awning is very similar to choosing a tent. You will need to decide in advance on the material you need, the types of poles as well as whether you need a groundsheet or not. Let’s talk the details of all three different types.

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The Full Awning

Adding a full awning will more than double the living area of your caravan and it will provide you with plenty of space to comfortably relax regardless of the weather. It is a tent-like structure which comes in different sizes and fabrics, thus qualities. Some awnings come with removable panels so that you can enjoy the sun whenever you please, and others come with additional sleeping cabins.

The Porch Awning

Being smaller than the full awning type, porch awnings are generally easier and faster to erect if you plan on staying there just for a couple of days. They will provide you with just enough space to take off your wellies and wet coats before you enter the caravan, thus, helping you keep mud outside. Moreover, they help you keep rain and wind away from the door and store your bikes keeping them safe from the elements. Whenever the weather is good, you can place a table under it and enjoy the good weather. If, however, it is windy, just roll up the front part and you will be still able to enjoy the delightful view.

The Canopy Awning

This type of awning can be either permanently or temporarily fixed to one side of the caravan. The permanent canopy awnings unfurl just like a roller blind and they usually have a couple of integral poles which fold down in order to form legs which will add stability. Adding a permanent canopy awning is usually a job for a specialist, so in case you want to add one to your caravan, it is recommended that you first consult with your local caravan dealer. Search the online market, and I’m sure you will come across a variety of caravan equipment for sale pieces that you can also add to your caravan to make your stay much more enjoyable.