Whenever you’re having friends over for watching a game, making a barbecue or hosting a cocktail party, it’s impossible to have a good time unless there are refreshingly cool drinks. Having a mini bar fridge can save you as a host from making frequent trips to the kitchen and miss out on all the fun. But besides making any get-together ten times more fun, mini bar fridges can also prove to be quite the convenient solution wherever the space does not allow you to fit in a full-sized refrigerator.

Whether we’re talking about a dorm room, a small studio apartment, cabin, or even office – a mini bar fridge is a smart, space-efficient way to keep your food fresh and drinks cold at all times. What’s more, this type of fridge is so compact and lightweight that it can be conveniently transported anywhere, meaning you can easily take it with you on a camping trip. If you’re already considering to get yourself one of these babies, money is not an issue because the market for bar fridges is loaded with plenty of attractive deals. What you should base your decision on however, are the following things.

outdoor mini bar fridge2

The Right Size for Your Needs

Although they are referred to as mini bar fridges, some models can go up to 300 L – enough to meet food storage needs for a couple of days. These models are usually built-in within cabinetry and are also suitable for large alfresco areas and people who love to host parties and don’t want to have their quests run out of cold drinks. On the other hand, there are smaller and more portable models ranging around 50L to 100L in capacity. These truly mini models are the ideal solution for camping, fishing trips and anytime you’d want to enjoy cool drinks and snacks on the go.

Save Some Money with an Energy Efficient Model

It’s always good to go with a model of mini fridge that can allow you to save some money on electricity bills. To have a better insight on how much electricity a unit spends, all fridges sold in Australia come with an energy star rating. The more stars, the more energy-efficient the unit will be. Another thing which might affect your electricity bills is lighting. Lighting is a convenient feature to have in a bar fridge, but if you think you don’t need it that bad, skipping on it will allow you to save additional money.

What Are Your Thoughts on Noise?

Depending on where you’re planning to keep the fridge, noise can become an issue for you. For instance, you wouldn’t definitely want a loud, buzzing unit as a snack bar in your bedroom. The loudest fridges run between 49 – 56 decibels, but most domestic mini bar fridges produce around 36 decibels of noise, which is quiet but still enough noise to hear it. If you desire utmost tranquillity, there are ways to upgrade a fridge and make it completely silent, like for instance with a quiet fan upgrade.