When it comes to pregnancy, no one talks about its embarrassing side. Despite the fact that your skin will be more beautiful than ever, your little bump will look cute on you and this will be a life-changing moment for you, the first signs of pregnancy can be quite embarrassing and the chances that, no mom would warn you about those, are big. The reason is obvious: they find it too awkward to talk about embarrassing symptoms of pregnancy. Although the level of embarrassment involved into these first signs of pregnancy can be too high, it is very important to know them. Whenever you experience one of the following embarrassing symptoms, take a pregnant test. Here are 5 of the most common and most embarrassing first symptoms that imply that you might be pregnant.

first signs of pregnancy

Leaky Urine

With the blood flow to the kidney increased and your pelvic muscles becoming more relaxed during pregnancy, you’ll find yourself changing your underwear several times a day because of little leaks. The leaking urine is one of the first and most embarrassing signs of pregnancy and it is very common in the first stage of pregnancy. Although it disappears during the second trimester, the leaky urine returns in the beginning of the third trimester, when the baby starts growing and taking up more space, delivering pressure directly to the bladder.

Morning Sickness

Morning sickness (vomiting and nausea) is widely regarded as one of the first signs of pregnancy. The name of this symptom can be misleading, because in the first trimester, pregnant women can feel nauseous throughout the whole day, not just in the morning. However, some women may not experience it at all. Morning sickness is linked with the increasing level of hormones during the first trimester, especially estrogen and progesterone.

Increase in Saliva

All those mums-to-be who experience morning sickness are very likely to notice an increase in saliva too. While this is not a serious threat for your or your baby’s health, this symptom can be utterly annoying. Luckily, it is only temporary and it disappears in the second trimester. Experts say that the increase in saliva is actually your body’s way of countering acidity and helping your digestive system during pregnancy.

Excess Gas

As you probably know, the body of a pregnant woman starts having a hard time digesting as soon as a baby starts growing inside her. Also, the level of progesterone (a hormone that relaxes the muscles in your body) is greatly increased during pregnancy, which means it slows down your digestive system. As a consequence, you’ll feel bloated and become gassy. You may even find yourself producing odors that would even make Peter Griffin (Family Guy) blush. But you shouldn’t worry, because you’re unable to control the gas, as your muscles fail to hold it in.


Since the problems with the digestive system start soon after you get pregnant, you’re very likely to get constipated in the early stage of your pregnancy. With your baby growing and taking more space in your belly, the digestion of even tiny meals will become extremely difficult. Spending a lot of time in the bathroom while your guests are waiting for you can surely be awkward, but at least it’s not dangerous for you or your baby.