The Right Set of Equipment Can Save a Camping Trip

Ah, the breath of fresh air and morning walks in nature! I can’t say I’d be a fan of living in the countryside because I’ve lived in cities all my life, but the concrete jungle has certainly had its share of being the reason for my stress which is what made me rethink the frequency […]

Inventing The Future: The Beginning of LED Lights

It was back in the 60s when the American scientist Nick Holonyak Jr. created the first visible light-emitting diode, or “the magic one” as they called it when it first came out. He was doing exploratory work with a small group of scientists, which means they were inventing devices and writing all kinds of new […]

What It Takes to Create the Dreamiest Bedroom

I have always thought of bedrooms as wonderful little havens. This is where lovers express their deepest feelings for one another, children dream peacefully after a long day filled with games and mischief, and elders rest to recharge their batteries. That, I believe, is the main reason most people want their bedroom to be a […]

Give Your Dining Nook a New Storage Look

Let me guess, your dining room has become yet another room in the house you use to store stray items. To be honest, we’ve all been there, no matter if it was the dining, the living or the bedroom, at some point we all get clutter around the house and it’s definitely no fun! In […]

With a Jade Heating Pad to No Longer Jaded Back

I spend about 8 hours a day sitting in a very uncomfortable, unergonomic chair that takes its toll on my back. When I get home every day, instead of normally starting to prepare dinner and finish some chores around the house, I instantly crush on the bed for an hour to rest my back. The […]

Why You Should Give Thumbs Up to Fishing

Everyone has a different way of connecting with their deepest self. For many people meditation works pretty fine, for others running or practicing some other sport and of course for some it’s cooking and reading. However, if you haven’t heard, for a lot of people fishing is the perfect relaxing therapy. Connecting with nature is […]

Job in Counselling: Becoming Worthy of the Title

From all the areas of expertise you can choose from career-wise, counselling is probably one of those one does not embrace that easily. Maybe in your younger years you were fooled by the mere appearance of the job description: listening to people and offering possible solutions to their problems. However, what you might have failed […]

Moving TVs Became Easier Than Ever With These LCD TV Cases

We’ve witnessed the huge advances in technology throughout the years, but when the first high definition TVs were introduced, the world went crazy about them. People like watching TV because it satisfies their social and emotional needs and their curiosity. That’s why it’s almost impossible to imagine a household without at least one TV in […]

Panic Button Off: Being Smart About IT Repairs

There are a few scenarios that can happen and actually turn my panic siren on as loud as possible: an earthquake, winning the lottery (a positive stress also causes me to panic) and when my extremely expensive MacBook (for which I literally starved for months to buy) gets its monitor cracked because an idiot in […]

Whey Protein Powder: Your Ticket to a Healthier You

Proteins are organic compounds essential for life. They are the building blocks of tissue, cells and muscle. Proteins are made form up to 20 different amino acids and 12 of those can be made within our body, while the other 8 are sourced from our diet and are known as essential amino acids. This is […]